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Delentis (acronym of Latin “deleo entis” that means “delete user”) is the ultimate Web tool to easily and quickly delete your user account from Websites, Social Networks and Mobile Applications and to permanently remove your Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from the Big Data by reaching Chief Data Officers (CDO) or Privacy Officers using -one click ready to send- ACCOUNT OR PII REMOVAL REQUEST Email templates.

Stay socially connected and privacy-savvy at the same time!

You've switched to a new app, game or social community? Easily, quickly and permanently stop sending and sharing your PII from the Websites and Apps that you do not use anymore.

Protect your child's privacy, think about the future, in real life.

Use the -ready to send- CHILDREN'S PII REMOVAL REQUEST template, update it then send it to the Chief Data Officers (CDO) or Privacy Officers to have all of your child's PII removed, quickly and permanently.

Quick Opt Out from targeted advertising and data collection.

Delentis also provides Opt Out links for Web browsers and Mobile devices to easily Opt Out from targeted advertising (while you search and browse the Web) and from data collection (stop sharing your PII and online/mobile activities with the Big Data and third parties).

Trending permanent account deletions for Websites

Removal tips: Deleting your account by yourself (for example using "direct links to delete your account") will not prevent your PII being processed and even shared to third-parties after the account deletion or deactivation.
Permanently remove your account and revoke your consent to process your PII is easier than you think: send an ACCOUNT OR PII REMOVAL REQUEST, this is the way that it really works to be effectively privacy-savvy.

Trending apps uninstalls for Mobile and Facebook

Facebook tips: Go to then start to check for -and maybe remove- all apps "Used more than 6 months ago" then send an ACCOUNT OR PII REMOVAL REQUEST to the app's publisher. As soon you want your account deleted from any Website where you have registered using your Facebook account, please, do not forget to remove the Facebook app! Do the same for connected accounts on Google, Twitter, Instagram...

Mobile apps tips: Have a check on your -maybe not the first one where you have your favorite apps- home screen on your smartphone to see if there is some apps you did not open since months, check if you still really need them, if not, uninstall them then send an ACCOUNT OR PII REMOVAL REQUEST to better protect your privacy by stopping data and location sharing from those -uninstalled- apps (you will also free some space on your device).

Latest Websites entries


Latest Mobile and Facebook Apps entries

  • Adobe-Analytics
  • Adobe-2014-WWSC
  • Adobe-Digital-Publishing-Summit-Event
  • Adobe-Scout-
  • Adobe-AIR
  • Adobe-Reader
  • Adobe-Revel
  • Adobe-GroupPix
  • Adobe-Photoshop-Touch
  • Hackpad

Delentis is free and privacy-savvy, would you help by telling us why are you removing your account or uninstalling an app?

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